Sunday, 19 January 2014

"Such a wonderful Shot !" was my comment on NatGeo  magazine cover photo ,
It was a photo of a girl she was afgani after watching that photo on website it inspired me to do something creative,natural,expressive thing to learn how to show people that what your exact thinking about
surroundings ,nature, people ...etc etc....

After that I started serious thinking about photography but was not sure how to approach it that was my fear but soon it was gone as i started clicking random clicks through my rolled camera & my mobile phone they were just 5 mp but still was good to learn on my own without any courses ,The first photographs was my own ,was not a great shot but i get approach to learn it from base
 Still I was searching for my inspirations some popular websites, photo magazines , and of course TV channels Discovery ,Natgeo helped me a lot whenever I watch them I get something new to learn about photography.
According to me photography is just not only capturing but also showing your view to people what do you exactly thinking about object and also redefining your way of thinking
Since school I am big fan of art it was a great discovery of my self; photography helped me to understand myself and get touch with nature , ultimately I get inspired by both .
Definitely its starting blogs of my world  my special thanks to my friends ,buddies who are  helping me  to  my journey of photography of course biggest thanks to NATGEO....

"Try hard at ground
and reach the sky to get best of yourself"

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