Saturday, 13 September 2014

My daily thoughts makes my day

It is my daily routine to wake up early,go for yoga, come home have breakfast and go to office.

But still I enjoy it very much .Strange!  how can a person love his/her routine which is boring.

Then question is why it is so good then? Because each day has a cute series of events in it which makes my day so special and different one. Then what are these events ?

Nothing great yes but I see them so wonderful.

I started my day as usual at 5.30 am . I was leaving my apartment with my bag pack. Day was as usual lovely with blue sky as sun yet to rise light shade of moon kept it soothing one absolute refreshed morning.

Going to my usual way for classes no one was on road side area except rikshawalas and some enthusiastic joggers . I attended my class finished it by 7.15 am and was leaving for home. Environment had changed sun had fulfilled sky with orange yellow shades , birds were chirping ,lovely smell of blooming flowers spread all over the area. I signed "hushhh!! what a lovely breeze after yoga", was feeling so relaxed.

Walking towards home. Some thing distracted my mind ..and lovely smile came to my face . Awe a little cute 3-5 yr old girl with her father having cute little conversation. I slowed down my speed to hear that conversation. She was held by her father in his both hands so that she could face to him and stick to his belly like monkey kids .she said “Daddy I don’t wanna go to school , I wanna stay with you ”.

I felt like ...please daddy say yes to her. Her daddy replied " you wanna grow up like me so its necessary to go to school ". She made a cute face with wrinkles on forehead and nose .Her expressions were so innocent that made me smile . At end of this conversation her school bus came her father kept her down and made her comfortable , combed her hair , kissed her on chicks , said her love you my sweetie , gave her instructions not to tease friends and obey teachers order. And he hopped her inside bus and see offs her with a flying kiss. I felt so mesmerised.

How lucky that little girl. She got total attention of her dad till she left. I missed my dad who is same like her dad waiting for me each day for dinner even it is late ,ready to share each happy moment with me as its very special .

I came home. My dad was leaving for office. I just hugged him from back and said "Bye go safe!". He pulled my cheeks and said “You are my little girl even if you grow elder”.

I left him at door and see him off. I get freshed and seat on dinning table for breakfast my mind was thinking something , I thought once; I get married I will have  new  family , will this moment of being with my family come again especially with father ? No. So enjoy this moment of loving your family till you with them. Enjoy being with family who loves you unconditionally even when you grow old . Wow that’s made my day .Felt so happy with this lovely moment inspired by that cute little girl who woke up hidden child in me.


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  1. Great post, Aditi. Reading this refreshed some my own childhood memories. :)